Friday, 16 December 2011

Why take extra tuition?

Why do we need extra tuition? Our ancestors say they never had to take any tuition or coaching apart from that given in school. In fact, there were no tuition centers back in 1970's. Just, some private teachers who only used to help the really weak students. This tuition fever, the race to waste more and more time, has just caught fire in the late 90's.

So what caused this tuition-ism to grow so enormous? And why, when every morning the shop shutters are lifted up, every tenth of them turn out to be a coaching center instead! Are the young ones today less sharp and brilliant then their mamas and papas? Or is the curriculum of today so advance that it belongs to another world? Is it the schools, or teachers, or the students themselves?

coaching centers

The Teachers

Rather 'trickers', except a few good ones. Teachers have the mainstream role in driving this tuition-ism. Most of the secondary school teachers today are just paid by schools for the advertisement of their own tuition centers, the 'shops'. Good schools try and get the best teachers in their faculty, but sadly these so called best teachers only show their best at their own places. At schools they are the best not at teaching but at making their market.

Here is how a sample class of one of my O'levels teacher used to go:
He comes to the class room, warmly welcomed by the students who are already hoping to have a fun class. To their utter disappointment, he asks them to open up the book, exercise 4a, and writes down a formula on the board for them to solve the questions. Fifteen minutes later, and students having no clue what to do, he begins to tell an interesting story and all the bewildered faces light up again. What follows is a twenty minutes long story. This makes some fan following for him .Towards the end of the class he says "who ever did not understand properly is free to come around at any time at my place" and thus pay for it. Students, mesmerized by the tale, readily accept what he says.

Now this is just a single trick. They keep on inventing the new ones every now and thenJust not to blame every teacher it is important to mention that there are a lot of good ones I know who do justice to their profession. But sadly for others, students are nothing but a source of money!

The Schools

The schools know it. They even have certain policies in place which do not allow the teachers to privately teach their schools students. But who follow the rules, and disappointingly the school heads and principals never take an action against such violations.

Governments schools are even worse in this matter. Many government schools don't even have a complete faculty. They just get the students registered to their name, but the classrooms remain empty. And why wouldn't they be, when there are no teachers to teach. Students of such schools are bound to take tuitions and spend their days just wandering around from one center to another.

The Students

Least to be blamed are we, the students. For many of us, it has just become a trend not to study at school and to waste our useful time in tuition. But we don't care, as we don't know. We don't know how important is our time spent at home and we don't realize how our very favorite teachers are pulling the money out of our parent's pockets, keeping us oblivious of the fact that we are rather their customers.


Anonymous said...

great fully agree with you
but is there any way out for student in ur view as to get best knowledge from best teachers with reasonable price
I think if we can hire a best teacher and ask him or her to teach one full subject or book , record on youtube and pay him n let all students who crave for knowledge , get the best for free

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