Sunday, 16 October 2011

All about modern blogging

Its popular now. A few years ago, blogging didn’t have a much attention paid to it, but now we see many individuals and companies involved in blogging. When you are consistently publishing high-quality, informative articles to your blog, no wonder it will catch fire in no time.

What is a blog?

A blog is a type of website or is just a part of it. Blogs contain regular entries of articles, reviews, commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics and videos. They are commonly maintained by an individual. Most blogs are interactive and allow visitors to write comments and even message each other. It is this interactivity that distinguishes them from other static websites.

Modern methods of blogging

A static Html website is an old hat. It is a difficult task to keep it updated, which means that people tend not to visit it regularly. Better, therefore, to have a site that consistently displays new and updated content.

With a rapid increase in popularity of blogs, new and easy ways of blogging have also been developed. Many open source softwares can now be found easily on the internet which makes blogging free and easy. Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal are the three most popular ones. All you need is some space on a web server and a domain name. Most of the web servers now come with automatic script installation, for others you will have to upload the files of any of these open source softwares to the right folder and your blog can be up and running in minutes. The load of plugins available help you keep your blog technically advanced. They also let you publish content that appears in rss newsreader, an alarmingly popular way of consuming information for web junkies.

Another modern method, and undoubtedly a very popular one is to blog either on Blogspot (Blogger) or Hubpages. All you need to do is to sign up, creater a blog name, set a template and start posting! It can't get any easier...

Types of modern blogs

There are many different types of modern blogs, differing in the type of content published and the way that content is published. Following are some types:

Personal blogs

The personal blog is the traditional blog which is an ongoing diary or commentary by an individual. Personal bloggers usually don't seem to care too much if their blog is ever read or not, they just seem to be proud of their blogs. These blogs are a reflection of their lives and can have a sentimental quality. Few personal blogs  become famous and gather some followers, but most of them, well, why would I spend hours reading, in so much detail, about other's life?

Organizational blogs

Most of the blogs are private, but they can be used for corporate and business purposes too. Want to inform all your employees of tomorrow's urgent meeting? Publish it on your blog! Blogs can be used internally to enhance and facilitate the communication within a corporation, or externally for marketing and public relations purposes.

By genre

Some blogs focus on a particular subject, such as politics, travel, fashion, education, music, quizzes, sports, technology and jokes. A popular website blog is only related to news and articles on technology: in particular, gadgets. 

Blogging in Pakistan

Various many Pakistanis are busy blogging. Most of the blogs, that can be found using Google, are focused on a single subject; the country itself. A few of these are,, and of course this blog too! This clearly indicates there is a lot of room for Pakistani bloggers to grow their blogs.

In May 2010, The First Annual Blog Awards 2010 Ceremony was organised by Google Pakistan and CIO Pakistan, presented by Nokia and sponsored by DELL, Cannon, Supernet and CommTell Soft. In the words of Rabia Garib, CEO of Rasala Publications and Editor-in-Chief of CIO Pakistan magazine, the blog awards aimed to showcase the many voices of Pakistan.

With 18 million internet users in Pakistan, it was felt that the internet provides a promising platform for bloggers to get their voice across and compete in the 'world of blogs'.


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