Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dirty words banned in Pakistan

Bad news guys, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), on 14 November, gave a list of dirty words and phrases to be completly banned from texting, giving a notice period of seven days. The amount of dirty words to be banned are 1695 and about more than 900 words are English are the rest are of Urdu and Punjabi. Surprisingly, the words aren't banned as yet, and who know when this notice is gonna have an implementation? Its our beloved country afterall!

An official from one of the carriers in question told the media:
"There are more than 1,600 words in the list including indecent language, expletives, swear words, slang etc, which have to be filtered. The filtering is not good for the system and may degrade the quality of network services -- plus it would be a great inconvenience to our subscribers if their SMS was not delivered due to the wrong choice of words,"

This step, taken by the government, has already been criticized alot, both nationally and internationally. For banning words like Tongue, Headlights and Jesus Christ, it just seems idiotic. Rachel Maddow on Msnbc, couldn't stop bursting into laugh, discussing the banned words in Pakistan...


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