Monday, 31 October 2011

Bluffers at petrol pumps

My car was running really low on fuel so I headed to the nearest petrol pump I could find. It was a Shell pump located on Dalmia Road, Karachi. As I entered, I noticed that all the staff was free and there was no other car although it was rush time of Saturday night. Odd it was. As i entered I was greeted and directed warmly by the staff. When I stopped, one of them rushed his head through the window into my car. Having just Rs.900 in my pocket, I told him to fill so much. With no delay, he extended his arm towards me to grab the money. Feeling awkward a bit, I handed it over to him. The other guy showed me the meter as they usually do, and then the petrol started to pump in.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pakistani Players to be taken in IPL?

As we all know that Pakistani players did not played Indian Premier League held by the govt. of Indian Cricket Board. But as a matter of fact, discussions have now been put forward by Rajiv Shukla, the league's chairmen to let Pakistani players participate in the coming up IPL in 2012. Pakistani Cricketers have not participated in IPL since  2008 after the terrorist attack in Mumbai but Shukla said it does not mean that players from across the border won't be allowed at all.
"This decision has to be taken by the Governing Council and Governing Council will have to take a view on it. It is not that Pakistan as a country has been banned in IPL," Shakla told PTI. He also said that, "We have worked together. The question is about the circumstances and certain issues... in terms of security.". The discussion for the next IPL governing council will  meet on October 14.

Facebook... Better or for worse?

Facebook is a social network on the internet created by Mark Zuckerberg. It enables adults, teenagers and youngsters to create personal profiles and post them on Facebook. These people can chat with there friends and family members and meet new people. Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

People Like using Facebook because of different causes and matters. I like using Facebook because it helps me chat with my girlfriends easily. My friend like's it because he wants to play games on it. And about my other friend, you don't want to know, are all freaks, they keep on sending friends request to all the girls they like and whatsoever. However there are different purposes of everyone for using Facebook. You might want to share your holiday pics with your friends and family members or tell them what happened at Landhi or Saddar today!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Teamwork, is it a need?

A group of people working together to achieve something is called teamwork. Teamwork makes things easier to accomplish. A man is not perfect in all aspects nor he can do everything without some help. The man who has a team has his foundation for success. Each member has something unique that he or she can contribute for the betterment of his company.

Due to increase of population and growth of global economy teamwork has gained lots of importance. It has become very difficult to have a career without it. Some fine examples can be extracted from the world, such as Honda who had a great interest in automobiles. He used to tune cars and entered them in races. Honda had great talent of inventing cars but did not know how to sell them. Takeo Fujisawa was a Japanese businessman who helped Honda in selling his cars. By their teamwork, Honda has now become one of the most popular company in the world!

 Pakistan cricket team became the ICC world T20 champion in 2009 by defeating Srilanka in the finals at Lords by 8 wickets. The hard work of 14 players and prayer of millions of fans had paid off.

Teamwork cannot be proven to be successful all the time. In order to be strong, good relationship between members or staff has to be maintained. Constant fights between members can be devastating making the reputation of the company tenous.

On the other hand, there are many advantages for individual members of a team. Members find working as a team more fun. They have opportunities to socialize and develop. It lowers the work burden and the assigned tasks may not seem to be difficult for them as that can help and support each other. They feel more comfortable in their work which can help them cope up with the stress and pressure.

Civic vs Corolla war! :

The most exciting, hot and never-ending debate, over automobiles in Pakistan, maintains its cyclicity; the Civic vs Corolla war!, the well-known Pakistani automobile forum has uncountable topics created on a mere comparision of Toyota Corolla with Honda Civic.

Both the cars belong to the same class and are the two most selling small family sedans in Pakistan. Absurdly, most of fights are on the 'sporty' aspects of the two. It can be clearly noted that the Civic fans usually outnumber the Corolla supporters but it can also be seen that most of the views given by these pakwheels members are undoubtedly biased. Infact, most of these debators haven't even ever had their hands on both the cars at a time, which is vital to produce an unbiased opinion. It must be long since the Corolla vs Civic topic would have gone past the top two pages of the forum. With every other Civic or Corolla related thread turning into a never-ending war, many of the senior pakwheelers now avoid posting in such topics. "Its a repost dude!"

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Take it as Red

Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool- many of the world's greatest successful teams play in red shirt, and this is no coincidence according to recent university findings which argue that shirt can give a sports team a competitive advantage. The theory is that wearing a red shirt can give football teams an edge, thanks to a good biological response to the color. Naturally, red is often associated with male aggression and display. It is also a signal of male quality.

It has been recorded that there is a significant difference in success levels between red, white, blue, yellow or orange teams. Red teams won more often, with teams wearing yellow or orange shirts having the worst record. So why might red enhance performance? Over time, supporters may have been subconsciously attracted to a club wearing red and therefore the club has developed an increasing resource base within its community, helping it to enhance its performance.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Matric or O'levels?

Sunday, 16 October 2011

All about modern blogging

Its popular now. A few years ago, blogging didn’t have a much attention paid to it, but now we see many individuals and companies involved in blogging. When you are consistently publishing high-quality, informative articles to your blog, no wonder it will catch fire in no time.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Amazing number of Pakistanis on is a well-known website which provides online job opportunities to the individuals. In freelancing jobs, a person(freelancer) is self-employed and not committed to a particular employer for long terms. In other words, freelancers may be called individual contractors.

Were you aware of all this? Well, you ought to be because there is a big number of Pakistani fellows who are not only aware but are earning by doing freelancing at home.

That is right. A quick research tells us that there are a total of 113,560 accounts registered to the date only from Pakistan, which is a jaw dropping figure.  But, don't be surprised as our neighbors are much more in number than Pakistanis. There are more than 618,560 Indian accounts registered on, which is about 5 times more. This is justified as their population is about 6 times more and the number of internet users is also 5 times that in Pakistan.

If you are wondering whether these many Pakistani and Indian accounts are any good to the freelancing community, its a wise question. According to the 'Top freelancers' page available on the site, the one on the top is Djdesign who is a Pakistani! This user has got over 2100 reviews and a five star rating. A little more research tells us that from the top 50 freelancers, 5 are Pakistani, and 27 are our Indian brothers, which is again justified by 1:5 ratio.

It is also amusing to know that most of these top freelancers fall into the category of 'designer', one way or the other. Many of them are graphic designers. They design logos, banners, buttons etc. Others are web designers and spend their time on the programming and designing of websites.

With so many freelancers around you, it is clear that they must be earning good from the work. Therefore, if you haven't ever registered on, its worth to give it a try. I' m not a marketer or something, but whats bad if you can earn a few bucks sitting back at home?

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