Monday, 31 October 2011

Bluffers at petrol pumps

My car was running really low on fuel so I headed to the nearest petrol pump I could find. It was a Shell pump located on Dalmia Road, Karachi. As I entered, I noticed that all the staff was free and there was no other car although it was rush time of Saturday night. Odd it was. As i entered I was greeted and directed warmly by the staff. When I stopped, one of them rushed his head through the window into my car. Having just Rs.900 in my pocket, I told him to fill so much. With no delay, he extended his arm towards me to grab the money. Feeling awkward a bit, I handed it over to him. The other guy showed me the meter as they usually do, and then the petrol started to pump in.

"Why didn't you come on your motor bike today?" the guy in the window asked, and  I was like.. "I haven't even come here before, you must have misjudged me." 
Then he continued, "So is it diesel that you have applied to the dashboard?"
"No its just some polish."

It was then when the meter stopped, the reading was exact Rs.301. He stated that the meter has tripped and it will take a minute to get it running again. At this instant, I felt like dejavu. Or had it really happened to me before? I could recall something similar that happened to me at another pump station some time ago, when I felt like I had been tricked. So I started to pay extra attention to the meter. The meter resumed from the same reading when the pump started again.

"Do you have Shell card?"
"Do you you don't have to give cash when using Shell card?"
"Should I make you a bill?". The guy at the window tried to engage my attention. Ignoring everything, I kept looking at the meter.

The meter stopped again on Rs.600. "What now?" I asked.
"Nothing. You are good to go." was the reply.
"Wait, what? You haven't filled up to 900!".
"Well, we filled 300 before and 600 now, didn't you see the meter started from zero again?".
And I straight away realized these guys were nothing but a bunch of cheaters - it did not start from zero. Incensed, I started to argue them. Not wanting to gather crowd around them, one of them just lifted up the nozzle again and quickly filled up another Rs.300 resolving the issue within few moments. This further made it certain that they were trying to bluff!

This little experience made me dispirited and I really didn't want to write on it, but then, this might spread some awareness and help others protect themselves against the false people. Where are we heading towards.. Is this a muslim country? Is this the aspiring Pakisan?


Tipu Khan said...

You are very right...the same happened to me while going to Jail chorangi at old sabzimandi PSO petrol pump. One was filling the petrol while the other one asked me to drop him to Hassan Square, I feel awkward that this guy is crazy or what...I am going to Jail Chorangi and he is asking me to drop him at Hassan Square. I refused him...later I realized that the tank is not filled properly but it was too late as I realized it on the second day.

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