Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Situation of Power Resources in Pakistan

The energy consumed by Pakistan as compared to most countries of the world is low. Pakistan consumes 10 times less energy than the world's average. Our country is not sufficient in power resources. The main sources of energy in Pakistan are oil, gas, coal and hydroelectricity.

Pakistan's coal reserve are of poor quality and the seams are lean. 90% of Pakistan's coal is used for burning, especially in brick kilns. Because of poor quality of coal, they are not exported where as they are all used for burning for domestic purposes. The reserves would last no more than 200 years. Pakistan also faces lots of problems in petroleum matters. Our country is still deficient in oil, with petroleum and it's products at the top of the import list. Due to importing 70% oil from other countries, the increase of cost in local market is at it's peak. Natural gas is the second largest energy source in Pakistan. This energy sector is the largest consumer of gas. Gas fields are expected to last for another 20 years.

Pakistan cannot afford heavy and costly machines. There is less development in industrial sector. Due to government policies, investors do not get encouraged. Our resources are being exploited and extracted by international / multi-national agencies such as Pak Arab oil refinery in which 51% oil is given to Saudi Arab because of their machinery. New rumor is that gas in Pakistan will not last long. Off course it won't, who told the government to introduce CNG or LPG to the public. This gas is now being used for the local transport. Load shedding in some areas have been started. This hence proves that there is a scarcity of gas, corruption aside.

When I was young, my cousins who lived in the United Kingdom used to taunt me that there is no load shedding of electricity here. Now I feel proud to say "Beta hamaray mulk main to light bhi jati hai!". God has blessed us with many resources such as a huge coast, 5 big rivers etc which are more than enough for electrical power but we are (in my words) "be-gherat" that we are not using them to fulfill our requirements.

It is not that we cannot overcome our requirements , in my knowledge there is a word called "corruption" which is spreaded over our country like a blanket. It has reached it's peek. In other countries, the electric supply company does not even think about load shedding because in such cases they have to pay big fines to the government but in our case public pay the fines because their businesses are at stake.

Gas load shedding is also increasing day by day but what difficulties it brings to people is not well known yet, but when will be, Aspiring Pakistan will get you updated .


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