Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Only in Pakistan

Our country is full of depression. Continuous terrorist attacts, blast, racism and raging makes us think that our country is nill in everything and most of us try to abandon Pakistan just to get secure life and have fun in other countries. But trust me guys it doesn't work that way. We people never think about the bright sides of living in our country. When people move to other country they feel like they have a good living standard, which is true. They may get inspired by the modern lifestyle and facilities, but, they'll surely miss many things found only in Pakistan.

Living in Pakistan make you have your own living style. Although may find it illiterate but there are many things that will make you laugh. There are many thing that you only get to see in Pakistan. Life in Pakistan is as easy as you want it to be. Everything is attainable. It is fun. For instance see the image on your right. "Chick Point" are you joking? Its these stupid yet funny things why we like living in Pakistan in spite of all the difficulties we face daily. Many of these things can't be described so I'll just let the pictures do the talking :-) Unjoy!

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Anonymous said...

o my god! really! thats only found in pakistan .hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

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