Thursday, 17 November 2011

Will Hardees beat the rest?

All the mango people must have visited KFC, Mcdonald, Hardees. But if you havn't, screw you. The fight to be the top fast food restaurant started between KFC and Mcdonalds, but in the mid 2011, new contender in Pakistan showed up called "Hardees".

KFC became Pakistan's most leading and earning fast food restaurant early as it meals and deals were totally amazing. Mcdonalds had all kinds of burger types and qualities where as this was the only disadvantage KFC had was that it only had chicken items. Mcdonalds relied on different types of stuffs such as chicken, fish, meat and some other types too but KFC only relied totally on chicken. Mcdonalds deals and meals are always different because they introduced new item such as apple pie etc. KFC had different deals but the meals were same like introducing a new burger called Panini, it is same as it's zinger, no change. The ingredient of every burger is same but new name and a new shape makes it new. At the beginning the prices between the two restaurants were same but today there is a huge difference. Mcdonalds being at the upper hand from the starting has increased it's prices and KFC being on the lower hand has not increased much.

In my point of view, Mcdonalds is still much stronger in it's postition and reputation, it's a tough contender to beat. Hardees which has just recently opened in Pakistan is currently known for it's high prices. Although many people have commented that it is better than Mcdonalds. The fight is mainly between Hardees and Mcdonalds. The way Hardees is gaining attention and good reputation can bring up a good fight which could result overthrow Mcdonalds in the conclusion like Mcdonalds had overthrew KFC.

Currently the competition is increasing because the prices of these fast food restaurant are almost equal. Believe me, if you don't know what to choose between them, leave everything and go to your local broast shop because they are cheaper and can fill your stomach in just RS.120.


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