Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pakistani Players to be taken in IPL?

As we all know that Pakistani players did not played Indian Premier League held by the govt. of Indian Cricket Board. But as a matter of fact, discussions have now been put forward by Rajiv Shukla, the league's chairmen to let Pakistani players participate in the coming up IPL in 2012. Pakistani Cricketers have not participated in IPL since  2008 after the terrorist attack in Mumbai but Shukla said it does not mean that players from across the border won't be allowed at all.
"This decision has to be taken by the Governing Council and Governing Council will have to take a view on it. It is not that Pakistan as a country has been banned in IPL," Shakla told PTI. He also said that, "We have worked together. The question is about the circumstances and certain issues... in terms of security.". The discussion for the next IPL governing council will  meet on October 14.

Will the cricket ties between both the country be revived, will Pakistani Cricketers be allowed to play the upcoming IPL 2012 and will the bondings between the Pakistan board and Indian board merge and help each other in improving the World cricket? To find out what happens, stay tuned to AspiringPakistan 

 I think that Pakistani Cricketers are the most entertaining players in the world and you might never know what they might come up with. They have extra amount of talent and enough to blow up the atmosphere of the crowd. These types of cricketers can not be kept away for so long and therefore a time will come that their need will be essential!                      


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