Saturday, 22 October 2011

Teamwork, is it a need?

A group of people working together to achieve something is called teamwork. Teamwork makes things easier to accomplish. A man is not perfect in all aspects nor he can do everything without some help. The man who has a team has his foundation for success. Each member has something unique that he or she can contribute for the betterment of his company.

Due to increase of population and growth of global economy teamwork has gained lots of importance. It has become very difficult to have a career without it. Some fine examples can be extracted from the world, such as Honda who had a great interest in automobiles. He used to tune cars and entered them in races. Honda had great talent of inventing cars but did not know how to sell them. Takeo Fujisawa was a Japanese businessman who helped Honda in selling his cars. By their teamwork, Honda has now become one of the most popular company in the world!

 Pakistan cricket team became the ICC world T20 champion in 2009 by defeating Srilanka in the finals at Lords by 8 wickets. The hard work of 14 players and prayer of millions of fans had paid off.

Teamwork cannot be proven to be successful all the time. In order to be strong, good relationship between members or staff has to be maintained. Constant fights between members can be devastating making the reputation of the company tenous.

On the other hand, there are many advantages for individual members of a team. Members find working as a team more fun. They have opportunities to socialize and develop. It lowers the work burden and the assigned tasks may not seem to be difficult for them as that can help and support each other. They feel more comfortable in their work which can help them cope up with the stress and pressure.


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