Thursday, 20 October 2011

Take it as Red

Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool- many of the world's greatest successful teams play in red shirt, and this is no coincidence according to recent university findings which argue that shirt can give a sports team a competitive advantage. The theory is that wearing a red shirt can give football teams an edge, thanks to a good biological response to the color. Naturally, red is often associated with male aggression and display. It is also a signal of male quality.

It has been recorded that there is a significant difference in success levels between red, white, blue, yellow or orange teams. Red teams won more often, with teams wearing yellow or orange shirts having the worst record. So why might red enhance performance? Over time, supporters may have been subconsciously attracted to a club wearing red and therefore the club has developed an increasing resource base within its community, helping it to enhance its performance.

If the past is anything to go by, the theory could have some high-profile support in the form of Sir Alex Ferguson. The Manchester United manager once instructed his players to change out of a grey shirt at half time in a premier league game, allegedly because the players were having problems picking each other out in the unusual shirt colour.


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