Sunday, 23 October 2011

Facebook... Better or for worse?

Facebook is a social network on the internet created by Mark Zuckerberg. It enables adults, teenagers and youngsters to create personal profiles and post them on Facebook. These people can chat with there friends and family members and meet new people. Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

People Like using Facebook because of different causes and matters. I like using Facebook because it helps me chat with my girlfriends easily. My friend like's it because he wants to play games on it. And about my other friend, you don't want to know, are all freaks, they keep on sending friends request to all the girls they like and whatsoever. However there are different purposes of everyone for using Facebook. You might want to share your holiday pics with your friends and family members or tell them what happened at Landhi or Saddar today!

There are lots of benefits of using Facebook. People are able to expand their knowledge. It helps us chat with someone far distance apart. We can share pics and videos and other types of media with our friends or family members. We can have discussions on variety of topics. We can create event, pages and groups of different catagories such as cause or  . We can share about any activity or feeling we’re feeling with our friend, which is usually referred to as status. It keeps us in contact with our old friends.

There are even many negative effects. People start using it more and more often wasting there time on it. People have got addicted to it like smokers are to cigarettes. In a survey, it has been reported that employees use Facebook during work, time lowering 12% production. Each member spends 400 hrs every month. In this survey the members were questioned weather or not it was right to use Facebook during work and about 70% found no gilt. It has been recorded that an average time of a person spend on Facebook is 2 hrs per day.

Steps are now taken by some of the companies. Installed softwares on the computer to prevent staff members from using Facebook during work time. Govt. of some countries such as China does not allow it's people to use Facebook at all. That is why you will never find people such as "Ching Chong Luu" or "Jun Kazuma" etc.

Now you think about it. You know the positive and negative effects of using Facebook! Is it helping us or not? It might be hard for you to see the harmful side of it, but I am telling you that I also used to use Facebook more than 2 hrs a day but since I realized its after effects, I have restricted its use to the minimum!


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