Friday, 14 October 2011

Amazing number of Pakistanis on is a well-known website which provides online job opportunities to the individuals. In freelancing jobs, a person(freelancer) is self-employed and not committed to a particular employer for long terms. In other words, freelancers may be called individual contractors.

Were you aware of all this? Well, you ought to be because there is a big number of Pakistani fellows who are not only aware but are earning by doing freelancing at home.

That is right. A quick research tells us that there are a total of 113,560 accounts registered to the date only from Pakistan, which is a jaw dropping figure.  But, don't be surprised as our neighbors are much more in number than Pakistanis. There are more than 618,560 Indian accounts registered on, which is about 5 times more. This is justified as their population is about 6 times more and the number of internet users is also 5 times that in Pakistan.

If you are wondering whether these many Pakistani and Indian accounts are any good to the freelancing community, its a wise question. According to the 'Top freelancers' page available on the site, the one on the top is Djdesign who is a Pakistani! This user has got over 2100 reviews and a five star rating. A little more research tells us that from the top 50 freelancers, 5 are Pakistani, and 27 are our Indian brothers, which is again justified by 1:5 ratio.

It is also amusing to know that most of these top freelancers fall into the category of 'designer', one way or the other. Many of them are graphic designers. They design logos, banners, buttons etc. Others are web designers and spend their time on the programming and designing of websites.

With so many freelancers around you, it is clear that they must be earning good from the work. Therefore, if you haven't ever registered on, its worth to give it a try. I' m not a marketer or something, but whats bad if you can earn a few bucks sitting back at home?


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great article man.
-A Pakistani.

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