Saturday, 22 October 2011

Civic vs Corolla war! :

The most exciting, hot and never-ending debate, over automobiles in Pakistan, maintains its cyclicity; the Civic vs Corolla war!, the well-known Pakistani automobile forum has uncountable topics created on a mere comparision of Toyota Corolla with Honda Civic.

Both the cars belong to the same class and are the two most selling small family sedans in Pakistan. Absurdly, most of fights are on the 'sporty' aspects of the two. It can be clearly noted that the Civic fans usually outnumber the Corolla supporters but it can also be seen that most of the views given by these pakwheels members are undoubtedly biased. Infact, most of these debators haven't even ever had their hands on both the cars at a time, which is vital to produce an unbiased opinion. It must be long since the Corolla vs Civic topic would have gone past the top two pages of the forum. With every other Civic or Corolla related thread turning into a never-ending war, many of the senior pakwheelers now avoid posting in such topics. "Its a repost dude!"


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